Lake Erie Steelhead Fishing report: Webcam photos tell the tale of heavy surf along the lakeshore and high flow rates in the tributaries. The 10-day forecast predicts the rain will end so the good fishing draws closer each day this week. You need to keep a close watch on the weather and stream gauges as you plan a trip. View these photos and the weather chart to draw your conclusions. You can expect steelhead to be in all good holding water in all tributaries after this weather event.


Elk Creek 39 CFS



Remember eastside tributary flow drops to fishable levels first, Walnut Creek next, followed by Elk Creek and lastly Conneaut Creek. If high-water persists, anglers fish tributaries from the south to the lake as the water CFS level drops. Trout Run shoreline needs time for the water to clear, but as soon as the surf gets calm that will happen in a day or so. As you can see from this image, lower Elk Creek will not be a fishing option anytime soon. When the Elk Creek guage gets into the 10-15 CFS range, pack the truck!

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This early season photo below from the archives is an example of what the weekend fishing pressure once water level drops and you are able to fish the late September run. 


This blog/article offers a series of links to additional information that will jumpstart your planning process. The best place to begin is an estimate of the steelhead run potential based on the number of smolts stocked in 2020. You can then apply the survival rate and create your “guesstimate”.  As you read you will discover the number of fish to expect in each tributary.

These articles focus on the how to succeed.  Beginners need basic information. Experienced anglers need information to avoid early season pitfalls. Finally for good measure, we offer encouragement to try winter angling for steelhead.

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