Steelhead season 2018-2019 

AnthonyThe annual steelhead run is underway. The best way to make the most of the steelhead season is to understand Lake Erie’s weather. Water/air temperatures and rain control when the annual steelhead run begins, progresses and eventually ends. These tabs will provide access to additional information to help with trip planning.

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Fall2018A 8Steelhead will venture into the tributaries for the next 2 months.  Fishing after a good soaking rain will be good as the water clears. Cloudy days and low-light times are best.

Fall2018A 5When water levels are up and the air temperature remains moderate, fishing and catch ‘n release photos make great memories. 

Keep in mind, the best fish catching days come in November and early December when the weather gets nasty.  If winter arrives late, Erie steelhead fishing remains good until the tributaries become “ice-locked”.

These recent videos may not be typical fish catching action; however, they do show how fast paced and exciting steelhead fishing can be.

No two years are identical, but past experience has taught us several things. 

The Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission stocks about 1 million smolts each spring. Research tells us that about 5% survive 2 years in the lake and return to the tributary in which they were stocked.

BuckDropping water temperatures get steelhead close to the tributaries and increased water flow in the streams get steelhead swimming upstream.

Everyone should be watching the weather and keeping track of the USGS stream gauges.

In descending order, the best stocked streams are Elk Creek, Walnut Creek, Trout Run, and Twenty Mile Creek. 

Fishing pressure concentrates where the most steelhead are getting caught.  Follow the crowd to find the fish and expect plenty of company. Once high water scatters the fish, it does the same with the anglers.

If this season is your first then, you should go as soon as the weather feels more like fall than summer, take your trout fishing equipment [wait until you know more before you upgrade to steelhead equipment], and ask questions of anyone who is willing to share information – most anglers do.

On future trips to Erie make your future trips 3 to 4 days in length and apply what you learned from your previous trips, and expect to catch fish!

Fall2018A 7To receive accurate, current fishing information sign-up to follow Jack's York's Twitter account to receive fishing report update alerts. Another way to get information is to subscribe to Jack's YouTube account. You will then be notified when a new video is published.

Best steelhead baits are the standard list of fall favorite’s – sacs, tandem flies, minnows, woolly buggers, soft plastic jigs, single eggs, etc.  Pick one that suits your fishing style and have fun.

The only variable for you to consider when planning a steelhead trip is weather and its impact on water flow.  To that end, you need to look at the stream gauges when you plan a trip and keep a close watch on the weather forecast.  Don't leave home without checking these gauges - Elk Creek - Walnut Creek.

Information on this Website is provided to help offer a general understanding of steelhead fishing.  All stream references pertain to tributaries near Erie Pennsylvania, especially those on the west side of Erie.

Fall2018A 15Changing water conditions and the nomadic nature of steelhead make it nearly impossible to predict a time and place to catch fish.  Not that anyone would even attempt to do so.

If you visit this Website often during the steelhead fishing season, you will find videos and photos that offer an update of recent conditions. 

Good Luck.