Summer season 

RonJune15No need to continue discussions of steelhead fishing conditions and fish catching techniques, the spring season ended and the summer season is now.  Keep the grass short and your steelhead fishing skills sharp until next fall! 

The summer months offer plenty of fishing opportunities no matter where you live in the Great Lakes Region. Anglers at this time of the year, turn their attention to lake, bay and pier fishing. Target species are bass, perch and walleye. Largemouth and smallmouth bass fishing gain popularity at this time of the year because just about all bodies of water hold bass. You can add pan-fish, pike [pickerel, northern, musky], catfish, and a variety of junk-fish as well.

Now if the time, weather permitting, to get your boat on the lake. If you do not have access to a boat I have two suggestions to make the most of your summer fishing. You can charter a walleye trip or plan to spend a day on a perch fishing headboat.  I trust you will have a safe and enjoyable summer .  Fall will soon be here and the steelhead will be staging just off-shore.

These tabs will provide access to additional information to help with future trip planning.

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