IMG 7710If you are anticipating the fall steelhead run, you have plenty of company. 

In 2015 Lake Erie was stocked with 1.7 million steelhead smolts.  It is those fish that will make up the bulk of the fall run.  The survival rate for stocked steelhead that reach the lake, mature and return after 2-years to their planting site remains at 5%.  Based on the facts, approximately 85,000 fish will make up the 2017-18 “run” for all Lake Erie triburaties and Presque Isle Bay.

Catching Lake Erie steelhead is easy. Finding the nomadic fish is not.  They move when water flow and temperature encourages them to travel upstream.  You need to fish where they are and employ a few standard trout catching tactics.

Available public fishing areas are many.  The best baits [ jigs - egg sacs - single eggs - skein] and times to fish vary.  Experienced anglers know that each season – fall, winter, spring – have specialized presentations.  Don’t worry, you will figure it out.

IMG 4696As the word run suggests, the fish are instinctively drawn from Lake Erie to some upstream location that only the fish knows.  Your challenge is to intercept the migrating pods of steelhead or discover their destination.

Weather and the resulting changes in water-flow are keys to success. Cloudy skies, strong current and cool temperatures keep fish moving.  Barriers, slow or no-flow streams keep fish near the lake.

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Like to eat steelhead? – take one! Like to catch steelhead? – release all.

Good luck