IMG 1845"The streams have returned to a normal flow after the high water blowout."  True last night before we got the 1/2" of rain overnight. The photo to the right is more accurate.

This remains true. "The steelhead trapped near the lake took advantage of the flow to escape upstream.  The fish always react to increased water flow."

With water conditions changing every day, it has become very difficult to post accurate infomation.  The weather yo-yo makes things interesting.  I can say that water levels are dropping and the PM conditions will be "better".

Don't leave home with checking these gauges - Elk Creek - Walnut Creek.

The week ahead looks good if you are experienced fishing wild changes in water level.  You will find steelhead in all of the upstream locations.  Even the “near lake” water will have new fish replacing the ones that scooted upstream.  

Expect heavy fishing pressure.  You need to share that run with other anglers who, just like you, want to get a few hookups.  Only nasty weather will reduce the fishing pressure and none of that is forecast for the week ahead. 

Next weekend has a rainy forecast. 

Best baits are the standard list of fall favorites – sacs, tandem flies, minnows, buggers, soft plastic jigs, single eggs, etc.  Pick one that suits your fishing style and have fun.