ShorelineCatchLake Erie pier anglers are on the job.  For most of September, they have been casting into the “dead sea,” but things are changing.  Near lake fishing success is slowly picking up.  

When the fall steelhead run will be in full swing is anyone’s guess.  The next substantial rainfall should bring in the initial run of steelhead.

The Lake Erie water temperature is dropping, and nighttime air temperature is in the low 50's.  Those two points alone should encourage steelhead to stage near the tributaries.

Cool nights, a brief shower, or strong north winds are keys to early season success when you fish close to the lake.

Pray for rain and keep checking the Elk Creek and Walnut Creek stream gauges.

The thirty-four week, 2016-17, steelhead season, once again, is off to a low-water start, but you can plan a trip. 

Be sure to schedule your trip during months that suit your fishing style because steelhead fishing is affected by the weather and water conditions.


If you had a good day last November catching steelhead by drifting a black jig in Elk Creek, don’t be surprised if you go fishless trying the same thing in early September. Steelhead seasonal patterns do exist so you need to adjust what you use depending on when in the “season” you are fishing.

If you divide the steelhead run by the months from September thru April/May here is what you may experience.

IMG 7631


September is a low-water flow month that encourages steelhead to stage near the mouth of the tributaries. Fish enter the streams during low light conditions or at night and return to the lake when the bright sun increases water temperatures. A few steelhead may stay in the streams, but very few.


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