IMG 2011copyUsually at this point in the year, steelhead fishing is locked in an icy tomb that limits open-water fishing.  Not so this season.  High water "rains" have pushed ice off the tributaries and warmer than usual air temperature is keeping Lake Erie ice free.  While things can change quickly and you may get slush and edge ice, I expect open water fishing from now through the spring.

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IMG 2010copyAll tributaries have fresh and holdover steelhead in numbers that are worth a trip to Erie.  Release what you catch to maintain good fishing for the remainder of the winter season.

Best baits are the standard list of fall favourite’s – sacs, tandem flies, minnows, buggers, soft plastic jigs, single eggs, etc.  As the water gets colder, marabou jigs and gulp minnow jigs are the most popular presentations. Pick one that suits your fishing style and have fun.

The only variable for you to consider is weather and its impact on water flow.  To that end, you need to look at the stream gauges when you plan a trip and keep a close watch on the weather forecast.  Don't leave home without checking these gauges - Elk Creek - Walnut Creek.

This article will get you prepared for a winter steelhead adventure.

Winter Steelhead Fishing

C43rKidW8AAKNLbInformation on this Website is provided to help offer a general understanding of steelhead fishing.  All stream references pertain to tributaries near Erie Pennsylvania, especially those on the west side of Erie.

Changing water conditions and the nomadic nature of steelhead make it nearly impossible to predict a time and place to catch fish.  Not that anyone would even attempt to do so.

The listed “popular articles” and “helpful info” are worth your time.

If you visit this Website often during the steelhead fishing season, you will find videos and photos that offer a view that may be slightly dated.