5th can't fail single egg treatment

Searching the Internet for the best way to make single, salmon egg bait for steelhead fishing? Yes, we all do that.  My research has lead me to develop at least 4 can’t fail methods.  I now have the 5th to share with you.

SingleCropThere is absolutely no reason why you should trust my “new” method since I keep changing my mind.  In my defense, the changing variable in my evolving treatment process is always the acid – time ratio.

I believe all good single eggs begin as loose, treated salmon eggs that get a second treatment process.  It is that second process that makes it possible to place the egg on a small hook and cast it into the water.  Sounds simple huh?

Not familiar with initial treatment methods for raw, fresh salmon eggs just click here.  You can pick from powders or liquids, home-remedies, etc. sprinkled the eggs or mixed for a soak.  After a period of time, rinse them and keep in the fridge or freezer.  You are doing it right if the color and translucent nature of the egg does not change.  I tried them all and they all work.

A friend gave me some treated singles last fall.  In the freezer for the last 6 months, I thawed a snack bag of eggs to “cook” some singles.  No freezer burn and the eggs looked good.  See photo above.

The water to muriatic acid mix is 10:1. (Thanks Roy.)

Soak time 2 minutes

Watch the video to review the results.  If you have questions drop me an email.