Steelhead season bait starter kit . . . .

Weather forecast for the next 15-days, today thru October 6, looks warm and dry. Two words that steelhead anglers are not happy to hear. So there is little hope, at this date, that Lake Erie tributaries will have good water flow for early October.  Nevertheless, we will fish anyway because that is what steelhead anglers do, right?

BaitsThe baits pictured are examples that I have learned from past experience catch the majority of my early season steelhead. The only missing baits from my kit are soft plastic lures like trout worms and gulp or power bait minnows. Both work great; especially pink worms and blue/pearl or watermelon minnows. They were excluded since I seldom use them until November.

The annual low-water start to another steelhead season will keep all angling opportunities north of Route 5. That means, when early-arrival steelhead do enter the tributaries, anglers will be crowded together close to the lake.

IMG 1786