October 28, 2019 -


Clear, cold, “bluebird” skies, and plenty of angler pressure - I wasted the morning on Walnut Pier floating sacs. Nothing for me, but I saw 4, lure caught fish. Plenty of fish caught in the “chutes” upstream. Flat lake so TR must be producing. Docks gone from basin – Opens 10/31.

I have never been able to catch steelhead after a cold front goes through. Reaction baits work best.

PM . . . . more later . . .  Back at The Green Roof Inn cooking a burger on their grill. I need this to lift my spirits. My afternoon was a dud. No fish. One foul hookup!

I saw a few fish caught on metal and BT eggs. I won't crank and I have no BT eggs. End of the day for me!

Two more things, . . . 

Elk Creek has 2 exit points. The mud hole and the garage. Both have a nice flow too. More fish should enter.

Leaves in Elk Creek introduced tannic acid that makes the water "tea colored".