UJOct31Many a picnic has been spoiled by the threat of rain!

At daybreak, the Elk Creek Access parking lot was deserted. I guess that the pending “rain apocalypse” kept all the anglers away.  A few hardy souls parked at the garage and walked across the lower mouth and upstream from there.

The steelhead did not disappoint. We got a nice bite that began at 7:45 and ended at 9 a.m. when the misting showers turned to steady rain. Rain continues now and the gauges are trending upward like a rocket ship. Leaves, trash, debris and off-color water will be with us for the remainder of today and into Friday.

Not sure where the UJOct31agale force winds are because the lake was flat at daybreak. When I arrived at Trout Run at 10 a.m. about 10 anglers had the place to themselves. The group was busy landing fish after fish and tying up after breakoffs!  Most of the fish were released so they could keep the fun going.

I watched the action and took a few photos of the nursery water.   More anglers joined the fun. The number doubled in 30 minutes. When I left, rods were bent up and down the shoreline.

Walnut Creek, low and clear, had plenty of anglers standing over fish above the bridge. The “wall” had a few people trying to plow through the leaves with lures or bottom fishing with PB.

The Walnut Creek Marina Basin opens for fishing at noon tomorrow, November 1