Post storm water conditions November 1, 2019

Nov1aNow that the rains have stopped and the gale force winds have diminished to a reasonable MPH, we can benefit from a look at stream conditions.

Today, especially in the morning, is not a good fishing day. Walnut Creek may be better by late afternoon, but Elk Creek and any lakeshore locations are off limits.

The video will do more to explain what anglers face . . . .



As you plan for a weekend trip, make sure to adjust your presentation depending on the flow gauge reading.

Nov1bAt noon today, the “cement pond” a.k.a. Walnut Creek Marina Basin opened for fishing. A blast of boat horn signaled the first cast. At 12:10 the first steelhead was hooked. At 12:11 the lucky angler’s buddy knocked the fish off with the landing net.  

I watched about a dozen anglers toss jigs, spoons, spinners, minnows, PB, worms, and power minnows for another 30 minutes without success. A cup of BK coffee and filing a fishing report seemed like the best option for me.

Since walnut is dropping and clearing to about 12” visibility, wasting a few egg sacs is on my “to-do” list for this afternoon.