Saturday November 2, 2019

Good daybreak start to the weekend on most Lake Erie tributaries - Walnut was a disappointment - stream and marina basin.

Instead of scattering after the last rain event, the steelhead were grouped in tight pods. If you were on fish, you caught fish.  Anglers a short distance away did poorly.

Nov2aThe off-color water had anglers searching through their tackle to find the best presentation. It was not what they were using. It was more about their “location”.

Most anglers experienced poor to fair fishing.

Jigs, PB, gold Mepps spinners, Cleos, sacs, power minnows, and minnows all produced strikes.

Chartreuse remains the best color option in the off-color water.

Tonight/tomorrow weather will be wet. That is always good for steelhead fishing. The possibility of snow mixing in, I believe, makes it better! The key is to find a pod of fish. At this point in the season, every hole is not holding fish.

Nov2bOne more thing, the mouth of Elk Creek moved to a location just below the mud hole. The garage exit is dammed shut. See photos.