Rained overnight and it was snowing “dip ‘n dots” this morning. Extra water caused Elk Creek to rise slightly and that rise created an excellent morning bite. I found a pod of fish. Steady action for 1 hr. +. Caught a few old, drop-back steelhead too. Up to now, all fish I landed were fresh chrome.

All fish were hooked on chartreuse egg sacs. I watched others doing well too. From what I could see, jigs, skein and metal accounted for the majority of fish hooked. I see fly anglers fishing, but not catching – not surprised with the off-color water.

Rising water changed the drift and added more color and leaves. Those changes ended my a.m. action.

Late morning, I talked to anglers at The Green Roof Inn and they did poorly fishing south of Route 90. I have yet to talk to anyone who has found fish there.

I continue to see fish on lower Elk Creek heading south. From the number of cars and anglers walking along the highway, it appears that steelhead may be stacked from Cascade to the Trestle.

Nov3bWalnut Creek Access is a mystery to me. Good flow but poor fishing last two days. The basin has not yet changed color so the fishing is not good. Perhaps that changed today. The steelhead that entered Walnut must be stacked from the falls to the lake or hiding in the Marina basin.

Sunday afternoon was spent prospecting for a good Monday location.  Given the fact that the fish are concentrated in certain stretches of water, you need to do your research.

P.M. scouting produced 2 locations for tomorrow. Water on Elk and Walnut Creeks is dropping and getting a better color. Tomorrow should be okay on both streams.

Checked Walnut and saw some steelhead caught in the channel, but nothing from the Marina basin. You can see steelhead rolling in the basin, but no one is hooking any.