November 5, 2019

Nov5aFishing success has so many variables that it is difficult to post a fishing report and cover all situations. With that said, these reports reflect my “feed them rather than fool them” philosophy so you need to translate the reports to suit your style.

Today showers then rain for most of the morning made for a perfect November steelhead fishing environment. The heavy cloud cover did not break until late afternoon.

The rainfall had minimal impact on water flow and will not adversely affect fishing tomorrow.

Lakeshore fishing was impossible – waves & high winds.

In the tributaries, the low-light bite was excellent if you were “on fish” and presenting a hot bait. For me, it was chartreuse egg sacs or a few pink sacs when the bite seemed to slow down.

I watched successful anglers using metal, jigs, skein, single eggs, and nymphs. I heard about others who caught fish on beads, sucker spawn, streamers and egg patterns.

Some anglers got skunked. It happens, even on a good day.

The importance of being “on fish” cannot be overstated.  The steelhead are grouped tightly when they occupy holding-water, and the pod seems to change locations as a school.

Today the “steelhead run” was evident; fish came off the lake and splashed their way upstream. I am told that some upstream locations are holding plenty of fresh, large steelhead. No, they did not share specifics and I did not ask.

Mouth of Elk has 2 exit points - one just below the mudhole, the other about 75 yards east of the other.

Check weather and water flow before you make fishing plans for tomorrow.