Dec10BrwnThe 2019-20 steelhead run is by no means over. Don’t let grumbling anglers spoil your parade.

We can agree that the big, fall rush of fish has plateaued. I believe that now through ice-lock new fish will trickle into the tributaries.

While the water flow on Elk Creek is slightly below average, it is more than enough to keep the migration going.

Weekenders will do more fishing than catching this weekend, but a wet forecast next week could recharge the number of available fish in advance of the “buck season” bite.

Friends from WV tell me they have given up on October and early November in favor of fishing during PA’s buck season. Over the last two years, they have done well.  The only down-side reported is the weather has been nasty. The up-side is the nasty weather reduces fishing pressure.

IMG 9439Most anglers fishing at this time of the year already know where and how to find and catch steelhead. Most of them practice catch and release. Nearly all are tight lipped about where they fish.  They are not fishing the “standard” locations with a common presentation.

If you are a casual weekender looking for a break from holiday prep and seeking the best place to avoid getting skunked, fish TR if you can stand the pressure and the wind is right. Fish Walnut Creek since it is nothing more than a larger version of TR – trapped old and some new fish waiting for more water to escape upstream. The Marina Basin holds fish from now until spring. The fishing experience is not for everyone.

If you are a serious weekender with young legs and can enjoy a day that may only produce five to ten fish, then get a friend and attack a section of your favorite tributary by parking car #1 and fishing toward car #2.