winter30If you love steelhead fishing, then December may top your list for best fishing months. And why not, plenty of fish and less fishing pressure! Snow, ice and cold-blows out of the north keep many anglers on the couch and off the water.  You also may be surprised to learn that a day-long bite is not uncommon. Just put on another layer and give winter steelhead fishing a try.

The best part of winter steelhead angling is that it gives you an experience that satisfies more than fall steelhead “catching”.  Yes, you catch less fish and enjoy it more. Don’t try to figure it out, just trust me.

Not only that, but a sunny day improves the steelhead bite. Sleeping in, starting late and quitting early is not a problem. In fact, that is a great strategy.  Throw in a day-ending visit to the Golden Corral and you have hit the jackpot.

Anyway, this article may help you plan a trip if you are new to late season fishing – Winter Steelhead.   

See you on the water!