IMG 0108Looking at the daybreak scene in the morning sky, it was evident that a weather change is coming. The “red in the morning” picture was beautiful.

Steelhead fishing is always affected by changing weather – now thru next Wednesday will see a dramatic change in both precipitation and air temperature. Good or bad? Time will tell.

Fishing, since the last weather event, has been consistent. We found where the fish were holding, and we enjoyed a daily bite that began at first light and lasted on and off until sundown. You can’t ask for more than that.

The “fishing pattern” we established over the last 10 days is done after today because the steelhead always seem to anticipate a weather change.  We may enjoy a super bite preceding the bad weather. That would be good. We may find that our honey-hole is empty since the “bees” departed. Either way, experienced anglers will have fun solving the puzzle.

After church, my plan is to get started with the steelhead puzzle. I will go where I last found fish and use what worked. I expect the afternoon will give me one more chance at “easy fish”.