Steelhead fishing report January 2, 2020

IMG 0370Today was a great day to be steelhead fishing – weather and water conditions seemed more like November than January. You don’t often get this type of day in January. The great conditions got even better throughout the day as an approaching weather front in the afternoon brought in cloud cover to improve the bite.   With effort, most anglers had chances to hook and land steelhead. 

With the exception of “metal”, nearly all presentations caught fish, but egg sacs and power minnows seemed to be the better choices.

As you would expect, the steelhead landed were a mix of C&R residents, old drop backs and fresh fish arriving on the last, high-water event.   A good number of fresh jacks/skippers were caught as well.  Some say that “jacks” arriving in January mark the tail-end of the fall run. They may have a point, but today some fine, large fresh fish were also landed. I believe that fresh fish will continue to enter tributaries as long as they remain free flowing.

Anticipated showers tonight and during the day tomorrow will affect fishing conditions for the better.  Streams are rising now so you can anticipate a stiff flow to start the day tomorrow. Check the gauges to be sure of flow conditions. Melting snow will also drop water temperatures. Fish slow and deep to give steelhead a chance to find your offering.

Good luck.