Fishing report January 3, 2020

IMG 0996sm45 degrees, calm wind, cloudy, on-then-off light rain showers, good water color and flow - with those conditions you know the fishing was good.  The hot bite began at daybreak then we experienced a good bite for the remainder of the day. Sacs were a good option early in the day, but by early afternoon jigs were doing the most damage.

“Back Patch Walt” forgot his egg sacs and his landing net so he had a decent morning tossing black jigs. When the sac bite slowed, and the jig bite heated up, Walt put on a show with his jigs.  He landed 16, lost that many because of the missing net and finally had to quit because he ran out of jigs due to breakoffs! Now that is a good jig day!

I tried to fish a jig – 10 casts – then back to sacs.


Extra notes:

Reports from other anglers tell me the great fishing was universal no matter the tributary or state

Many of the fish landed today were large and fresh

Some of the older females were dropping eggs

A good run of nice sized jacks showed up late morning

Lake was flat so lake fishing was possible at tributary mouth

Fishing pressure was light to moderate depending on the tributary

Erie without wind, moderate air temperature, and heavy fog in January - interesting day!

Michigan angler was impressed with the number of winter fish we have

Temperatures will keep water flowing for next 10 days

This weather will not last long, fish if you can