Fishing report January 4, 2020

IMG 0375Rain overnight caused a water spike that spoiled the fishing today. We got about 45 minutes of good fishing on the rising water bite at first light. Then the flow turned to a brown silt color and the steelhead stopped hitting.  By 8:30 am, everyone who wanted cleaner water, abandoned Elk and Conneaut Creeks and headed to Walnut.  The color on Walnut was fine and the Marina basin was clear.  Fishing at Walnut was good at daybreak and then spotty for the remained of the day.  

Fishing pressure at Walnut Creek was insane above the Manchester Bridge, shoulder to shoulder on the upper channel, and few if any anglers in the Basin or the lower pier. Sacs and jigs best options today. Saw some anglers carrying minnows. How effective? Some anglers were cranking – spoons/flatfish - did not see any success with those presentations.

All in all, it was a poor fishing day at all locations we visited.

At the end of today, the larger tributaries remain off-color with a stiff flow. The flow level is dropping so that is good news.  Additional precipitation forecast for tomorrow will be light snow.  Cold air and above average flow will make fishing a challenge for bait and jig anglers.  Fly guys have the toughest hill to climb.    

The few fish that we caught were decent size and fresh!