Fishing report January 5, 2020

Again, good water and great January weather made fishing enjoyable. The temperature remained above freezing all day – no line/guide ice. Wind out of the west ruined lake fishing, but was not an issue otherwise. Skies were overcast.  Yesterday’s rain and snow melt drained into the lake and the flow returned to near normal level with good color and a reasonable drift.

At first light, the sac bite was steady for nearly 2 hours then paused for a short time then back again for another hour. By early afternoon sacs were a waste of time and jigs scored most of the steelhead. 

We are catching more jacks/skippers in the 15 – 21” range, plenty of old, tired put-backs and a good number of larger, fresh steelhead. 

Most anglers caught fish, but not everyone.  Some anglers are determined to use baits that do not work in January. Apparently, those anglers had success last fall and can’t accomplish a switch. They need to re-tool for winter fishing.  They surely see others using baits and presentations that work well.

Fishing conditions for next week should remain decent because there are no major weather issues in the forecast. By the end of the week, another rain event could spoil next weekend. As it often does, that could change by Friday.