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Fishing Report May 26-28, 2020

Members of the “catch whatever bites” club held a 3-day outing on Presque Isle Bay.

We can now report that a “fish-less” day is nearly impossible if you are willing to accept catching whatever bites – perch, rock bass, smallmouth, largemouth, pike, white/silver bass, pumpkinseed, bluegill, crappie.

The crappie and perch were mostly small, but the other species were jumbo sized. The northern pike was a skinny 25” fish. The silver/white bass was 15”. We caught  8” rock bass and blue gills and 17 to 20” bass.

For the majority of time our presentation was simple – 1” gulp minnow or live DSCN0193 Copyfathead minnow on a 1/64 or 1/80 oz. single gold jig head suspended just off the bottom on a slip bobber rig.  We did throw some tube jigs that produced some of our largest smallmouth bass. Keep in mind, the bay is full of weeds so you need to adjust depth when fishing over weed beds.

One morning we rented a 14’ boat, but for the remainder of the trip we fished at one of the many piers/launches around the bay from folding chairs. Pack some snacks and beverages too.

Weather and wind velocity and direction are key trip planning considerations. It is no surprise that early and late parts of the day are best, but we did catch many fish mid-day too and some of the biggest smallmouth were landed in the early afternoon.

DSCN0193 CopyThe stream fishing, even where they entered the lake, was disappointing. 

Lake fishing for walleye and perch is getting a slow start, but most boat anglers are optimistic about the season ahead.

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