October 13, 2020

Another poor fishing day on lower Elk Creek. Each day anglers are convinced that this will be the day when the trapped fish give up on their “hunger strike” and start hitting, no, not today.

In addition unlike the previous day, Lake Erie was too rough to fish so everyone fished the lower sections of the creeks.  The lack of any type of flowing water to produce a drift made fishing difficult and kept the catch rates low.

The steelhead that manage to enter the tributaries moved upstream until they reached the first shallow ripple.  Until we get substantial rain, the fish will hold there until then.

Without a drift, the best presentations/baits are lures, fast-jigging gulp minnows, or black jigs.  Those options let you cover a lot of water and locate active fish.

If you are contemplating an Erie fishing trip, keep a close eye on the weather and stream gauges.  Make your decision based on how those factors affect the way you like to fish.

Until we get rain, the best you can hope for is a fish-able lake. Lake Erie is full of steelhead with nowhere to go. When the lake is “flat”, you can expect to find excellent fishing at the mouth of your favorite tributary.

In the absence of rain to increase stream flow, here is the condition you need . . . .

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Photos from today at Walnut Creek and Elk Creek.

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