October 16, 2020

The rain doubled the amount of water in the tributaries from next to nothing to 2 times next to nothing.  The dry watershed kept most of the water and shed very little.

Take a look at Elk Creek at Whitman Bridge.This represents most upstream locations. 

10 16 1

10 16 2

From daybreak until 8 am, anglers caught 2 fish from the “slide” to the flats above the boat ramp.  The mouth of Elk Creek is dammed shut by heavy surf and the water level has reached the top of the rocks at the access. Once the lake settles down, the force of the water should breach the sandbar.  So lower Elk Creek fishing is poor.

Upstream fishing is much better.  For instance, large pods of steelhead are trapped at the Conrail Tubes.  Sight fishing only – the steelhead are easy to see, but tough to catch.  Cascade, given the number of vehicles in the parking lot, must have a similar situation.

The best bait is jigs.  The egg sac bite is poor and the single egg bite is slightly better.  Lures catch a few if you can take cranking all day.

Fishing conditions for the weekend will not change much.  The only glimmer of hope is the wind direction on Sunday afternoon and into Monday.  If the Lake settles down, gas the truck!!