October 16, 2020

The steelhead fishing weekend begins on Friday afternoon.  From the number of anglers that have arrived already, you can expect heavy fishing pressure.  Those anglers will be focused on the locations holding steelhead right now while keeping a watchful eye on the lake conditions too.

You can expect clear-water angling throughout the weekend.

A quick trip to Walnut Creek provide some information about the fishing there.  The morning was great and fish catching rates high. Then the creek had a flow of leaves and brown water that was dammed upstream. That clutter cut loose flowed into the lake, and put the fish down for most of the afternoon.  The bite recovered by late day.  It was tough to fish through the leaves, but Walnut had a decent drift.

The pier is packed, as with, all good holes up to the falls.

Weather for the weekend is cool, sunny and light winds.

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