October 18, 2020

Angling options for anyone planning a trip for steelhead are upstream clear-water, lower tributary suck-hole or lake surf.  Until the tributaries change from a trickle to a stream-like flow, those options are what you will face.  That bad news gets better when you consider that plenty of steelhead are poised to make a run once the water situation improves.  Low catch rates so far this month also saved many fish destine for the smoker.  So all in all, things are okay.

Another slow day went from poor to fair when today the lake calmed down enough to let anglers hook some of the many steelheade staged in the lake.  Lures caught the most because the water remained off-color, but fly rod sucker spawn, and egg sacs caught some as well.

Rain or at least damp weather is forecast to begin and end the week ahead.  We are not expecting too much or a major change in water flow, but who knows – this is Erie!  This map shows what is forecast to be the rain's progress by 2:30 AM.


I cobbled together several videos to show “suck-hole” and lake surf fishing over several days of angling.  The weather changes, the time of day changes and the lake goes from flat to heavy surf – that is the state of steelhead angling.  The only thing missing is clear-water angling upstream.