November 15, 2020

The weather forecast overestimated the rainfall amount, but the wind forecast was spot on!  Just enough rain to make a few puddles will not change the flow on any of the tributaries.  On the other hand, the wind is causing lakeshore flooding and that will impact any fishing tomorrow.

Fishing today or I should say from mid-night until 2 pm when the blow commenced, was good.  Some anglers fishing Trout Run would argue that the fishing was excellent.   Okay with me.


When the gale-force wind started, the Trout Run bite ended. Everyone had a limit if that was their mission. All had a chance to challenge their skill and strain their equipment landing fish.  I was told more fish were lost than landed. 

Nocturnal Nuts experienced excellent, jig fishing last night – more fish than anyone could imagine.  The pre-dawn to 9 am sac bite was intense.  Only skill required was the ability to cast into the water.  Crank “n Yank crowd fishing on the lower sections of the tributaries and lakeshore had a great morning too.

These photos show the developing lakeshore flooding that will continue tonight and tomorrow.  Fish away from the lake or stay home.

Nov 15 1

Nov 15 3

Nov 15 5