November 16, 2020

Today, like so many previous fishing days, began with a morning burst of fish catching followed by a day-long struggle to hookup a few more steelhead before ending the day. 

Not all steelhead anglers are created equal.  Some anglers, I know a few, experienced a decent day that resulted in 6-10 fish.  Even fewer caught a dozen or more, but they put in the work to achieve that level of success.

Nov 16 2

For the vast majority of anglers trying to crack the steelhead catching code, life is tough. The easy Trout Run fish were out of reach today as the “angry lake” kept all anglers off the shoreline.  Upstream trapped steelhead in ankle-deep water may fill your cooler, but the “catching” experience is a poor example of fishing.  Lower sections of the larger tributaries have plenty of steelhead splashing, jumping, and resisting all of our attempts to catch the darn things.  They do cooperate for a short time each day but good luck guessing when the 30-minute window of opportunity will open.

Regis and I have managed to stay a few steps ahead of the skunk.  If we can do it, you can too.

Nov 16 1

Current fishing conditions challenge even the most experienced anglers.  Hopefully as you read this you are not fishless and frustrated.