November 17, 2020

Start, stop, repeat . . . .

Again today, the steelhead refused to give us a great fishing day from daylight to dark.  The bite was on for a short period of time then off for an hour or so. This happened over and over again all day.  

Nov17 2

If you were willing to change baits and presentations often, you had a decent day.  Changing from sacs on the bottom that we fished at daybreak to drifting sacs under a float in the afternoon made a big difference.  Working jig/float fishing into your bait rotation was another great option that produced multiple hookups.

With the exception of the nasty wind and the leaves it blew into the water, the fishing conditions were good. Water level rose as the overcast sky dropped snow, sleet and rain that added to the flow.  The rising water bite was sporadic but decent.  Perhaps the fluctuating water temperature could have caused the sporadic bite. ?

Today the catch and release option was the preferred outcome for most of the steelhead landed at least where we were fishing. A few 8-10# steelhead were landed today.  Anyone who fished today will admit that there are plenty of steelhead remaining in the tributaries.

Nov17 4

If you are planning a steelhead fishing trip now thru Thursday, keep an eye on the flow gauges and wind direction.

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