Decent steelhead fishing continues

The definition of decent fishing in January - you can catch steelhead if you are willing to endure the uncomfortable cold weather, put in the time, and accept catching a few steelhead that lack much of a fight!  

One January day you get this!


The next day you may face this!


You would think that a drastic change in weather and stream conditions would affect the steelhead catch rates.  From my experience that is not always the case.

As long as we have open-water, you have a legitimate chance to catch a few fish.  In fact, if you can find fish, you will catch them.  Of course that assumes you have good bait/lure, technique and fish catching experience.  Winter is not the time to take up steelhead fishing for the first time.

Fishing pressure this winter has remained moderate and on some days heavy.  As long as, we have open-water, anglers will give it a go, and good holding water will get plenty of attention from seasoned anglers who know where to fish.

A typical January starts cold and ends with a “thaw”.  From what the long range weather forecast indicates, just the opposite is taking place.  As the nights get colder and daytime temperatures fall short of any warming, skim ice develops flows toward the lake. Soon good holding water gets “ice-locked”.

Anglers are catching fish.  How long the winter bite continues is up to the weather. Get out and fish if you can.

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