March steelhead . . . . .  challenge & opportunity

IMG 20210310 095407817 BURST002Anyone with basic trout-catching skills has what it takes to catch steelhead as long as you are prepared to hook and land trout that average 4-6 pounds.

IMG 20210310 082940603 BURST000 COVER

So if you are struggling with “cabin fever,” right now Lake Erie tributaries offer you a world-class fishing opportunity.

The challenge for you, like most steelhead anglers, is the when, where, what presentation and finally what “lure”.

The information in this article is past tense. What happened last week may not offer an accurate picture of what will happen tomorrow. So read the copy, check weather and flow gauges, and view the posted pictures and video clips to glean information that will help you make fishing decisions.

As the water warms in Lake Erie tributaries, suckers and smallmouth bass enter the streams. Into the mix of fish, the State fish agencies stocked smolt steelhead. Be sure to gently release all smolts.  

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View these video clips to see what you are missing.