What makes a respected fishing report?

Honest, accurate, timely, independent, and knowledgeable fishing information is critical. 

Well-done fishing reports actually can form a trusted fishing forecast.  And that my friend is what every angler is seeking. 

We read the comments posted on a Website, check weather and water conditions, and combine that with first-hand reports from other anglers we know.  Using the “intel” we decide to go or stay home!  Than is not always an easy decision if you have limited free time because of work or family obligations.

1615778672561Some say a “no-fish day” is always better than a work day. I would agree if we got paid to get skunked while fishing, but we don’t.

Weather charts/forecasts, USGU flow gauges, and Webcams are information sources you can review. All anyone needs to do is match the conditions experienced during their last successful steelhead outing with those predicted.  As you “calibrate” what is best for your fishing style a fishing decision gets easy.  When the “markers’ of a past successful trip are repeated on the day you have scheduled, you have a reasonable chance for success.

March weather is unpredictable, but when you get spring like temperature take advantage if you have the free time to do so. The next seven days will be as good as you can expect for spring steelhead fishing. The tributaries have holdover steelhead and some spring-run new arrivals.  You will also have pods of smallmouth bass getting a head start on their spring run as well.  Recently stocked smolts will be the only fly in your spring fishing ointment.  They are annoying, but be gently because they are part of the 2023 run!

One final thing, Erie tributaries get crowded so be prepared to share space with others who share your love for steelhead fishing!


Good luck if you go.

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