Dry weather stalls spring-run for now

Elk Creel today is 60% lower than the historic average for late March.  Keep that in mind as you plan another steelhead trip because crystal clear tributaries make fishing nearly impossible.

1615778659204Advice – stay home until the water levels rise. Given the forecast next week looks promising. 

If you are determined to fish this weekend as the next water event takes place prepare for “rising-water” conditions. Adjust where you fish and how you fish to make the most of your time on the water.

For instance, a soaking rain on the Elk Creek watershed will take hours before it affects lower parts of the creek.  The slow flow increase and changing water color usually trigger a decent bite.  Of course as the level gets fast and off-color, you need to abandon the lower sections and seek improving upstream water conditions.


The wind is another variable to consider. Low flow with south wind makes lake shore fishing inviting.  Spring fish are near and waiting for a decent flow to enter.

An off-shore wind will push water upstream when there is a low flow.  This will add water depth to the lower sections of creeks and encourage a better bite.

Keep in mind that all kinds of fish are entering Lake Erie tributaries. Don’t be surprised if you hook suckers, smallmouth, or walleye while drifting your spring steelhead baits!

Good luck if you go.

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