UJ1October 7, 2019

These two anglers get points for effort. I image they can see a target fish or they are just practicing casting technique.

You can see from the Lake City screen shot below that conditions will not provide steelhead catching weather this week. No matter your skill level, you can’t catch fish that are not there!


The best you can hope for is night fishing for the few steelhead that swim close to shore or into the weak flow on the lower sections of Elk, Walnut or 20-Mile Creeks.  All of the smaller tributaries are nothing more than “wet rocks”.

If you like to throw metal, fishing low-light times along the lakeshore will help you satisfy the need to fish.  A stiff off-shore wind will improve your chances too.

Don’t invest too much time or gas at this point in the season if your goal is catching steelhead.

Regis and Jack will begin a 2-week fishing trip this week. Most of their daylight time will be spent exploring how much the good fishing locations have changed - Where is the location of the mouth of Elk Creek these days compared to last season? - Any trees down and blocking last year’s honey holes?  Plenty of bag chair fishing on the Walnut Creek pier is scheduled too.