October 10, 2019

Erie Weather from now thru Columbus Day will be too dry to make a difference in the prospects for good steelhead fishing.  There is a slight chance for showers on Saturday morning that will do little to resolve the dry conditions.  Next week looks damp, but it is too early to predict a major change in water flow on the tributaries.

Cool nights [upper 40’s] are bringing a few steelhead into the lower sections of the larger tributaries. Low light times are producing a metal bite if that is your style.  

If you like fishing the “cement pond,” a.k.a. Walnut Creek Marina Basin.  It will open for fishing at noon on November 7, according to the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission. Anglers arrive early and stake out a spot. Who knows, by then there should be plenty of steelhead circulating in the basin. 

LeoThe daybreak bite on Walnut Creek was nearly a dead stop. Sixty anglers were all throwing lures. One fish caught and released – see photo.

The bite on Elk Creek was slightly better, but not by much. Again, lures got the most hookups. Sac anglers hooked a few just after daybreak.

Conditions Elk Creek Launch to the Lake:

Not much change above the launch. There is plenty of muck waiting to pull off your waders.  The east side bank is free of any new wood trash.  Unfortunately, the riffle and deep channel along that bank is gone. Those spots are casualties of the high lake level that has slowed the flow on lower Elk Creek.

The “rocks” have some trash, but look unchanged from last spring. Fishing conditions from there around the curve, under the pines, and downstream toward the “slide island” looks unchanged too.

LimbA tree is lodged in the Elk Creek “mud hole” just where the water tails out of the deep run. Yes, the spot where active fish like to hold.  Until we get a rain blowout, you will be forced to fish around that woodpile. Landing hard-fighting steelhead there will be a frustrating challenge. From there, upstream to the “ravine hole” is fine. The tangle of wood below the hillside slide is still there too. 

The flats from the mud hole to the lake is free of trash and present a good place to throw metal or do some fast jigging soft plastics. Water finally exits/trickles into the lake about 50’ from the corner of the red garage. [see photo below]