DSCF1849AM bite for us was none existent- as Regis put it, “it sucked”.  We landed 1 small steelhead and saw another ½ dozen fish hooked and landed. The overnight/early morning rain did little to change water flow, but the wind shift and intensity closed down lake fishing – 5-7’ rollers all day. Air temperatures dropped 20 degree compared to Friday.

After lunch was no better for us and from what we witnessed no one did well. Saw a fish or two caught on lures. The winds started to subside and the sun returned, but the fishing was not near what we have been accustomed to in mid-October.

Upstream holes were holding some fish that made it upstream overnight. Large crowds of weekend anglers were there to greet them at daybreak. Some anglers caught 4+ fish, but most only a fish or two before the bite ended. The absence of upstream fish was evident when we drove by the tubes on Elk at daybreak and there were 0 cars above or below the tracks.

Lower Elk Creek is a silt-filled, stagnant swamp from above the launch to the flats below the mud hole. The mouth is nothing more than a “weep-hole” draining the swamp.

Walnut Creek from the project waters to the lake is decent fishing when lake winds fill the channel. Above the project waters, you will find trapped fish in small pockets of deeper water. The stream is a trickle of water. Fishing pressure today was heavy and tempers are getting short since everyone is jockeying for fishing space in the holes and along the “pier”.

Sunday and Monday weather/waves will be better so we are hopeful that lake fishing will return. Time will tell if the fishing improves too.