IMG 0330Erie received a frosty cold start to the morning. We had plans to fish before church, but the south winds did not take control of the lake. 2-4’ waves made lake fishing impossible and other locations were so crowded that we decide to scout locations for a PM trip.  After breakfast, tying some egg sacs, and church we will make another attempt to find a spot for some “bag chair” fishing!

Watching 25 anglers on lower Elk and 50+ at Walnut, we saw two fished hooked and one landed. Trout Run had a few die hard anglers unsuccessfully working the surf, but by 8 AM the lot was nearly empty.

If you are planning a trip, pack a big lunch; bring a bag chair, and a chatty fishing buddy or two and head for the channel at Walnut. At least there the waves will push fish into your lap so chances are better than surf fishing the lake.

We expect the lake to “lie down” sometime today. Tomorrow should be better fishing - hope springs eternal.

I may do a PM post, but the lack of new information is making the task a waste of time.