October 19, 2019 – Early AM

The clear, frosty start for the weekend is a classic, post cold front situation.  Elk Creek is experiencing high barometric pressure, bluebird skies and no breeze.

The steelhead that were feeding yesterday afternoon are now in a negative mode so today’s daybreak fishing is slow.  I spent 30 minutes watching lower Elk Creek before coming to McDonalds to type a few notes.

Dozens of anglers are going fishless at this point in the day.  Lower Elk – Tubes, UJ, and Cascade, the mouth of Elk Creek, Lower Walnut Creek and Trout Run are experiencing heavy fishing pressure.

From 1 – 4 PM yesterday, the Elk Creek bite was steady on lures, jigs, and sacs. Blue silver and gold spoons, chartreuse egg sacs and jigs caught plenty of fish. In addition, you could see steelhead jumping as they came off the lake and continued upstream.

Because the stream flow is dropping and the water clearing, anglers should have an easy time finding the upstream steelhead.  Not sure how far they travelled, but I am told that fish have reached Route 20.

If yesterday is any indication of how the afternoon will go, I expect those negative fish to move to a neutral mood.  When that happens, reaction baits and sacs on the bottom should get some action. Who knows, they may go active at anytime too!

The mouth of Elk Creek remains open so more fish should “run” overnight.

Sunday and the beginning of the week will be good fishing in advance of the next weather system arriving on Tuesday.

Share information if you are willing; we are all on the same side!

Go fishing if you can. I will.