October 25, 2019

1025aCloudy, warm, light rain shower and heavy fishing pressure – typical late October fishing conditions; unfortunately, low water is complicating things. If you were “on fish” you had an excellent 2 hours after daylight.  

Anglers fishing the fringe of good locations picked up a fish or two.  Upstream fishing was for trapped fish only.

The lake was reasonable fishing as the waves are calming, but the water is cloudy. Most metal chucker’s on the lakeshore are just exercising their wrists.

You can feel a weather shift in the air. The rain is coming. In advance of the rain, it is reasonable to expect a good bite. When is anyone’s guess!

A trusted source that likes “dark-side” fishing did well on Walnut pier last night. He throws jigs.

Walnut Creek pier may be the only location that is producing consistent fishing conditions and catching.  Yes, it is crowded. Just think of it as a “trout run” situation while standing on a concrete slab. Once the Marina Basin opens next month, you can add Walnut Marina to your list of places to get one for the smoker!

The mouth of Elk has moved 300- yards to the east. It is now at the red garage location. The old exit was plugged with rock and sand during the last heavy surf storm.  You can expect the weekend rain to affect the exit once again. If you come to fish the “mouth,” be ready to go where it goes.

The steady current exiting Elk Creek is drawing small pods of steelhead every night. Nearly all the fish caught near the lake on Elk or Walnut are fresh.

Elk Photos - beginning with "old" mouth location.